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10 Best Notion Weekly Planner Templates (2024)

January 22, 2024

[Free & Premium] Notion Weekly Planner Templates. Organize your planning, and manage every task. Ideal for anyone looking to become a better planner.

If you're trying to get your weekly plans on track, you're in the right place.

These templates we're going to look at, can act like your personal assistant, helping you sort out everything from daily tasks to long-term goals.

Let's jump into the top 10 picks that can make your life a whole lot easier.

Weekly Planner

1. Weekly Planner

Get the Weekly Planner here!

This Weekly Planner is all about making your week as smooth as possible. It's simple to use and really effective.

You can keep track of your appointments, make daily to-do lists, and even keep a little journal for gratitude and self-care – because, hey, we all need that.

Plus, there's a spot for setting goals and tracking habits.

Life Planner 2.0

2. Life Planner 2.0

Get the Life Planner 2.0 here!

The Life Planner 2.0 template has got everything – goal setting, a monthly reflection section to see how you’re doing, and even a travel planner.

There’s also space for brain dumps (because who doesn’t have a million thoughts?), a journal, a meal planner, and more.

Minimal Life Planner

3. Minimal Life Planner

Get the Minimal Life Planner here!

If you’re into keeping things clean and simple, the Minimal Life Planner is your go-to.

It helps you manage weekly tasks, stick to daily routines, keep an eye on your schedule, and even jot down random thoughts or ideas. You’ve also got a meal planner and budget section.

Oh, and don’t forget about tracking your goals and journaling – it’s all in there.


4. Planners

Get the Planners here!

This set of Planners is great because it covers daily, weekly, and monthly planning.

It’s pretty nice because it creates new planners automatically at the start of each day, week, and month. So, you don’t have to worry about setting it up every time.

2024 Minimal Life Planner

5. 2024 Minimal Life Planner

Get the 2024 Minimal Life Planner here!

The 2024 Minimal Life Planner is all about making your planning as easy as possible.

It’s got over 500 pages of planners, trackers, and reflection spaces.

The pages are already dated, which is a nice touch, and it’s designed to be super easy to use.

Weekly Meal Planner

6. Weekly Meal Planner

Get the Weekly Meal Planner here!

This Weekly Meal Planner is perfect if you’re in charge of meals at home. It helps you plan your meals for the week, make a shopping list, and even save your favorite recipes for easy access.

4-weeks Goal Planner & Tracker

7. 4-weeks Goal Planner & Tracker

Get the 4-weeks Goal Planner & Tracker here!

Setting a goal and sticking to it can be tough, but the 4-weeks Goal Planner & Tracker makes it a lot easier.

Plan your goals, track your progress weekly, and get kept accountable.

Home Renovation/Moving Planner

8. Home Renovation/Moving Planner

Get the Home Renovation/Moving Planner here!

If you’re renovating or moving, this planner is a lifesaver.

It helps you make a project blueprint, sort tasks, keep a checklist, manage your budget, and track the overall progress.

It even has a space for keeping track of tradesmen contacts.

Student Planner · School and University

9. Student Planner · School and University

Get the Student Planner here!

For students juggling classes, assignments, and exams, this planner is a game changer.

It helps you keep all your course info in one place, set and track goals, plan your study sessions, and even includes a daily journal space.

Meal Planner

10. Meal Planner

Get the Meal Planner here!

The Meal Planner is all about making meal planning easy. You can add all your recipes, plan your weekly meals, and manage your ingredients.

It’s pretty handy if you’re trying to keep your eating habits in check.

Why Use Weekly Planners?

Now, you might be wondering, “Why should I even bother with a weekly planner?”

Well, here are a few good reasons:

  1. Stay Organized: With everything in one place, you won’t forget that important meeting or your friend’s birthday.

  2. Reduce Stress: When you know what’s coming up, it's easier to feel in control and less stressed.

  3. Boost Productivity: Planners help you prioritize tasks so you can be more productive.

  4. Achieve Goals: By tracking your goals, you’re more likely to achieve them.

  5. Save Time: No more wasting time trying to remember what you have to do next.

  6. Improve Habits: Habit trackers in these planners can help you build good habits over time.

Other Nice Things About Using Planners

Planners aren’t just about to-do lists and appointments.

They’re also great for:

  • Self-Care: Keep a self-care routine and make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

  • Creativity: Having a space for brain dumps can help you capture and develop creative ideas.

  • Reflection: Journals and reflection sections help you look back and see how far you’ve come.

Using a weekly planner can genuinely make a difference in how you manage your time and organize your life. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone trying to get their life together, there’s a Notion planner out there for you.

So, give one of these top 10 Notion weekly planner templates a try in 2024 and see how it changes your productivity!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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What is a Notion Template?

A Notion template is a published Notion page that can be duplicated. Share the page to your preferred workflows as well as duplicate other processes that you want to employ.

How do i use a Notion Template?

Simply follow these instructions to copy a template:

1. Locate the template you want to duplicate.
2. From the dropdown menu, choose the workspace where you want to clone the template.
3. Select the "Duplicate" button, which is highlighted in blue.

If you are already logged in, the template will be copied in your preferred workspace. If you are not logged in or do not have a Notion account, you will be required to sign in or establish one before continue.

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What are some popular Notion integrations?

Notion integrates with various apps and services, including Slack, Google Drive, Zapier, and more. These integrations allow you to enhance Notion's functionality and streamline your workflows.

What is Notion AI and how can I use it?

Notion AI can help you write better, faster, and more creatively by generating, transforming, and summarizing text. You can also use Notion AI to automate simple tasks, such as creating action items, translating languages, or explaining technical terms.

How can I use Notion formulas and databases?

Notion formulas and databases are powerful features that allow you to create custom properties, calculations, and views for your data.

You can use formulas to perform operations on your database properties, such as adding numbers, combining text, or finding the time between two dates.

You can also use databases to store and organize different types of information, such as tasks, notes, projects, or contacts. You can create different views for your databases, such as tables, calendars, boards, or galleries.

Finally, you can also link databases to each other using relations and rollups, which enable you to access and manipulate data across multiple databases.

How can I collaborate with others on Notion?

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3. Publish pages to the web: Transform pages into public websites accessible via a link. Enable comments and permit page duplication, ideal for blogs, portfolios, and more.

How can I import and export data to Notion?

You can import and export data to Notion in various formats, such as PDF, HTML, Markdown, CSV, and more.

To import data, you can use the Import button on the left sidebar of any Notion page and choose the file format you want to import from.

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