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Top 10 Notion Templates for Writers (Free and Paid)

March 2, 2024

Notion is a great tool for writers who want to keep their thoughts organized and their projects on track.

Whether you write blogs, books, or academic papers, Notion can help you sort out your ideas and keep everything running smoothly.

We've picked out the top 10 Notion templates for writers.

Some are free and some are paid, but all of them can make your writing life a bit easier.

Content Writer's Toolkit

1. Content Writer's Toolkit

This is your go-to spot for turning ideas into articles, blogs, or letters. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for writers.


  • Turn thoughts into finished pieces.

  • Write anything from blogs to scripts.

What we like about it:

  • It’s great for lots of different writing projects.

  • Keeps your ideas and drafts safe and sound.

Price: $27

Get it here: Content Writer's Toolkit

Thesis Writing for Masters and PhD

2. Thesis Writing for Masters and PhD

If you’re working on a big project like a thesis, this template helps you keep everything from research to drafts in one place.


  • Sections for each part of your thesis.

  • Easy to keep track of research and feedback.

What we like about it:

  • It’s really organized and helps guide you through your thesis.

  • Makes dealing with research and notes a lot easier.

Price: $9

Check it out here: Thesis Writing for Masters and PhD

Effortlessly move your handwritten notes to Notion pages

3. Inky: Handwritten Notes to Notion

Love writing by hand but hate losing your notes? Inky takes your paper scribbles and keeps them safe in Notion.


  • Turns your handwriting into digital notes.

  • Uses smart tech to make sure everything’s readable.

What we like about it:

  • Perfect for people who like writing on paper.

  • Keeps your notes neat and easy to find.

Price: $77

Check it out here: Inky: Handwritten Notes to Notion

Blog Manager: Notion Template for SEO

4. Blog Manager: SEO Writer Template

This template makes managing your blog a breeze. Write, edit, and keep track of all your posts in one spot.


  • Keep your blog organized.

  • Plan and edit your articles.

What we like about it:

  • Everything you need for your blog is in one place.

  • Helps you stay on top of SEO.

Price: Free

Link: Blog Manager: Notion Template for SEO

Blogging Websites Business Management with Notion

5. Blogging Websites: Blog Writer Template

Running multiple blogs? This template helps you keep track of everything from posts to profits.


  • Manage several blogs at once.

  • Track posts, hosting, and money stuff.

What we like about it:

  • Super useful for bloggers with more than one site.

  • Helps you stay organized and make better decisions.

Price: $12

Get it here: Blogging Websites Business Management with Notion

Blog & Newsletter Planner

6. Blog & Newsletter Writing Planner

Plan your blog posts and newsletters all in one place, and keep track of your social media too.


  • Plan your content and social media.

  • Research and keep track of keywords.

What we like about it:

  • Makes planning content really simple.

  • Keeps all your ideas and plans organized.

Price: $5

Check it here: Blog & Newsletter Planner

The 1% Content Creator: The Profitability Blueprint

7. For Content Writers: The 1% Content Creator

Ready to make your writing pay off? This guide is packed with tips to help you make money from your content.


  • Tips on making your writing more profitable.

  • Advice on planning and making money.

What we like about it:

  • Helps you focus on making money with your writing.

  • Full of practical tips you can actually use.

Price: $29

Get it here: The 1% Content Creator: The Profitability Blueprint

The Twitter/X Content Planner

8. The Twitter/X Writer Content Planner

This planner helps you sort out your social media posts, so you know what to post and when.


  • A calendar for planning posts.

  • Easy-to-use layout.

What we like about it:

  • Perfect for getting your social media in order.

  • Helps you stay consistent with your posts.

Price: $1.99

Check it here: The Twitter/X Content Planner

9. 𝕏traordinary Content Forge (Twitter Writing Content Planner)

Take your Twitter game to the next level with this template that helps you plan, write, and track your tweets.


  • Everything you need for Twitter in one spot.

  • Tools to help you engage and grow your audience.

What we like about it:

  • Great for anyone serious about Twitter.

  • Helps you keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

Price: $19

Check it here: 𝕏traordinary Content Forge

Notion Content Hub

10. Notion Content Hub: Write and Plan

Keep all your social media organized with this hub. Plan your posts and track everything in one place.


  • Organize posts for all your platforms.

  • Track your projects and goals.

What we like about it:

  • Keeps your social media stuff tidy.

  • Helps you plan and track everything easily.

Price: $21

Get it here: Notion Content Hub

Why Notion is the Perfect Tool for Writers

Writers have a lot on their plate: brainstorming, drafting, editing, and meeting deadlines. Notion helps by putting everything you need in one place.

Here’s why Notion is a great choice for writers:

  • All in One Place: Notion lets you keep all your projects, notes, and deadlines together, so you don't need to juggle different apps or tools.

  • Make It Your Own: You can change up Notion templates to fit exactly what you need, making your workspace feel just right.

  • Work Together Easily: Share your Notion pages with others to get feedback or work together without drowning in emails.

Benefits of Using Notion for Writers

Using Notion does more than just keep you organized.

Here’s what it can do for you:

  • Simplify Your Work: Everything you need is in one spot in Notion, so you can spend more time writing and less time sorting through files and folders.

  • Stay Organized: Tags, lists, and filters help you keep track of all your ideas and work.

  • Keep on Track: Set goals and deadlines in Notion to make sure you’re always moving forward with your writing.

Tackling Common Writing Struggles with Notion

Every writer hits roadblocks now and then.

How Notion helps you get past them:

  • Getting Past Writer’s Block: Set up a special place in Notion for brainstorming and collecting inspiration to help get your creative juices flowing again.

  • Handling Research: Keep all your research in Notion so it’s easy to find and use when you’re writing.

  • Keeping Up with Submissions: Track your article or book submissions in Notion to stay on top of due dates and responses.

Using Templates to Make Things Easier and Faster

Templates are one of Notion's big advantages.

Here’s how they can help you:

  • Save Time: Jump right into your work using templates tailored for different writing projects, without having to set up everything yourself.

  • Stay Consistent: Templates help you keep your work uniform, so everything looks neat and professional.

  • Make It Your Own: You can tweak templates to suit your own way of working and your specific projects.

By bringing Notion into your writing routine, you can say goodbye to some of the usual headaches and focus more on your actual writing. Notion's easy-to-use workspace, adaptable templates, and handy organizational tools make it a great partner for any writer wanting to make their work simpler and more straightforward.


These Notion templates are here to help you keep your writing on track and make your workflow smoother. Whether you're doing research, blogging, or managing social media, there's something for every kind of writer. Trying out different options can help you find the best fit for your needs and make writing a better experience.

Start organizing your writing life better today by checking out these Notion templates.

Happy writing!

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