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Gamified Life OS | RPG-Based Notion Life Tracker

The Gamified Life OS is a revolutionary life management template, and the first of its kind to incorporate an RPG-Based Level Up and Experience Points system, allowing you to effortlessly track your habits, tasks, goals, and projects.


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The Gamified Life OS is a revolutionary life management template, and the first of its kind to incorporate an RPG-Based Level Up and Experience Points system, allowing you to effortlessly track your habits, tasks, goals, projects, books, business, and even culinary finesse.


  • Life Areas: Level up and gain experience in every major aspect of life. Everything you do allows you to gain experience.

  • Daily Tasks: To-do system, built for ease and easy navigation.

  • Habit Tracker: Beautiful habit-tracking system designed for simplicity.

  • Goal Tracker: Robust goal tracking with mini-goal progression.

  • Project Tracker: Built-in system for tracking skills and important projects.

  • Book Tracker: Engineered for simplicity, the comprehensive book tracker easily records what you learn.

  • Recipe Tracker: A detailed yet simplistic system, allowing you to build a knowledge bank of recipes for a healthy life.

  • Calendar: Strategically designed to show you your hard work and progress at a glance.

  • Focus Mode: Dedicated dashboard with Pomodoro timer.

  • Themes

    • Minimalist Theme: Designed for individuals who want a straight-forward, cut-to-the-chase, barebones life tracker.

    • Balance Theme: Inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender. Designed for people who want a holistic, peaceful, and beautiful life tracker.

    • Cyber Theme: Inspired by the cyberpunk high-tech, low-life aesthetic. Designed for users who want a little extra flair and personality in their life tracker.


Which theme is the best?
Minimalist, Balance, and Cyber themes are all functionally the same. They merely differ in cosmetics and design. Personally, my favorite and the one I use is the Balance theme.

What is this template, really?
Gamified Life OS is simply a life management system that incorporates RPG-Based elements, such as Level Up and Experience Points systems. The idea is to make tracking your habits, goals and projects fun and hassle-free.

Is this a PARA system or a Second Brain?
No, it is not. Not exactly. This system is designed for daily life management and progression tracking. It is built to be as efficient and as low maintenance as possible for tracking your life. If you want a Second Brain, however, go to my store.

What makes this different from other Life Management Systems?
Other Life Management Systems tend to be cluttered, on the other hand, RPG-Based ones are usually too complex and game-themed. This system is a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality.

Is this worth the price?
Considering the features and the gamification elements, I would say this is a worthy investment to make in achieving your life goals!

Support, access, updates, and instructions?
You will have lifetime access to the template, lifetime updates to GLOS, and lifetime support via email. The template comes included with thorough instructions on how to use and set up your system.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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What is a Notion Template?

A Notion template is a published Notion page that can be duplicated. Share the page to your preferred workflows as well as duplicate other processes that you want to employ.

How do i use a Notion Template?

Simply follow these instructions to copy a template:

1. Locate the template you want to duplicate.
2. From the dropdown menu, choose the workspace where you want to clone the template.
3. Select the "Duplicate" button, which is highlighted in blue.

If you are already logged in, the template will be copied in your preferred workspace. If you are not logged in or do not have a Notion account, you will be required to sign in or establish one before continue.

How do i share a Notion Page?

Sharing a Notion page allows you to collaborate with individuals both within and outside your workspace.

Follow these steps to share a page:

1. Start by locating your Private page in the sidebar.
2. Navigate to the top right corner of the page and click on the "Share" button.
3. Choose the "Add People" option from the menu.
4. In the provided box, enter the email address of the person you wish to share the page with.
5. Select the appropriate level of access from the available options, such as full access, view-only, or commenting rights.
6. Finally, click on the "Invite" button to send the invitation.

What are some popular Notion integrations?

Notion integrates with various apps and services, including Slack, Google Drive, Zapier, and more. These integrations allow you to enhance Notion's functionality and streamline your workflows.

What is Notion AI and how can I use it?

Notion AI can help you write better, faster, and more creatively by generating, transforming, and summarizing text. You can also use Notion AI to automate simple tasks, such as creating action items, translating languages, or explaining technical terms.

How can I use Notion formulas and databases?

Notion formulas and databases are powerful features that allow you to create custom properties, calculations, and views for your data.

You can use formulas to perform operations on your database properties, such as adding numbers, combining text, or finding the time between two dates.

You can also use databases to store and organize different types of information, such as tasks, notes, projects, or contacts. You can create different views for your databases, such as tables, calendars, boards, or galleries.

Finally, you can also link databases to each other using relations and rollups, which enable you to access and manipulate data across multiple databases.

How can I collaborate with others on Notion?

You can collaborate with anyone you want, and control their level of access and permissions. Here are some ways you can collaborate with others on Notion:

1. Add members to your workspace: Invite teammates, friends, or clients to collaborate on pages. Create groups for easier sharing.

2. Share individual pages: Invite specific people to view, comment, or edit pages. Useful for external collaboration or sharing confidential content.

3. Publish pages to the web: Transform pages into public websites accessible via a link. Enable comments and permit page duplication, ideal for blogs, portfolios, and more.

How can I import and export data to Notion?

You can import and export data to Notion in various formats, such as PDF, HTML, Markdown, CSV, and more.

To import data, you can use the Import button on the left sidebar of any Notion page and choose the file format you want to import from.

To export data, you can use the Export option from the ••• menu on the top right corner of any Notion page and choose the file format you want to export to.

You can also export your entire workspace or include subpages in your export.